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     There are two legendary photographers in the country for me and they are Toto Villaruel and Marlon Capuyan. I am a huge fan. No wait, I am their number one fan. Like I have “fan girl” plastered all over me when it comes to these two. I am obsessed with their work and there was nothing that could make me happier than to actually meet them in person. And the wild thing about the past two weekends is that I did! The first instant that I saw them post about the workshop they were holding in Manila, I registered myself in a heartbeat and booked my ticket.  

     The hosts brought us to a beautiful mango farm in Antipolo and invited the best models. As you can tell, I was walking on cloud 9! Amazing venue plus beautiful people to shoot, it was heaven! We all pounced on them like meat in front of a pack of lions. I had to go head to head with others and made extra effort to get good shots. Thanks to my height, it was extra difficult, but I kind of worked it anyway. I simply could not miss this opportunity and there was something about that day that made me so much more passionate. It was exhilarating and truly fulfilling to say the least.


     My experience that day was more than just a workshop but a milestone in my career. It was really life-changing. It drastically shifted my whole approach to wedding photography. It gave me a fresh perspective about my job and it simplified everything for me and that’s why they called it “Uncomplicate”. I went home feeling so refreshed and renewed, and with a huge smile across my face. It was everything I needed to get inspired again.


     I am so, so, grateful for my mentors for the day Toto and Marlon—they have surpassed my every expectation and gave me a thousand more reasons why I should admire them. They were so generous in imparting to us all what they know. It was totally no holds barred, they were wholehearted in teaching us. Also, what’s remarkable about them is that in spite of their success and stature in the industry, they were extremely humble. They didn’t have the slightest hint of arrogance or sense of entitlement. Crazy how low profile they were! I am more than convinced that this is one of the secrets to their success, a very humble heart. Even though they are soaring high in their careers… they keep their feet on the ground! I am so thankful to have been a part of this workshop. The whole Uncomplicate team was so great and it was such a pleasure meeting them and I’d love to hang out with them some more!

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Credits  //  Gown: Joe San Antonio  //  Cake: Cyntia Patos of Cynfully Sweets  //  Grooms Styling: Tipping Point Collective  //  Ceremony & Reception Set Up: Vatel Manila & Tipping Point Collective  //  Flowers: Vatel Manila  //  Video Speaker: Rupert Nicolas of Notion in Motion  //  HMU Day 1: Gery Penaso  //  HMU Day 2: Byron Velasquez  //  Venue Day 1: Picasso Boutique Hotel  //  Venue Day 2: The Mango Farm  //  Models Day 1: Jamaica Saker & Aizel Acayan  // Models Day 2: Giselle Munoz, Inna Gavrylenko, Hillarie Danielle, Krishna Marques  //  Invites Design: Paper thread Studio  //  Coordination by: Team Toto x Nicola

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