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     One of things I love about my job is that we get to meet amazing people with the kindest of hearts all the time. And once in a blue moon, I get to meet certain couples that I could honestly be friends with. When the shoot is done, we could just sit down and have coffee together, laugh over the silliest of things and have a great time being ourselves.

     Well, I found another couple just like that recently: Ian and Ethel. In beautiful Singapore, no less! They are both Filipinos who are originally from Cagayan de Oro, but now Ian works in Indonesia while Ethel in Singapore (I’ll save their love story on my next post).

      For their prenup shoot, we took advantage of Singapore’s various personalities—from its love for nature, its casual neighborhoods, to its penchant for pushing the boundaries of urban design. I have to say this about Singapore: it has no bad angle! Every corner, every area is just really photogenic! On our first day, we went to the serene Chinese Garden, then to the surreal Henderson Waves. The next day we had our shoot at the La Salle School of Arts and its edgy architecture, then spent some time at the quaint and colorful Haji Lane, and finally to the iconic scenery of Marina Bay.

      Needless to say, we had an amazing time in Singapore with Ian and Ethel. Here’s hoping we get to come back to this gorgeous city really soon!

Dell White -

very nice photos! great job stef,naomi & dave. God bless